A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life

The How and the Why

The purpose of the ‘Day in the Life’ workshop is to inspire the next Generation of Designers, Engineers and Architects in the Manufacturing and AEC fields. When presenting, you will become a real-life role model telling your story about your career path and your day to day work – while also informing them of how your industry is technologically advancing and the prospects for the future.

Industry Professionals:  ThinkEDU is looking for industry professionals from the manufacturing and AEC areas to participate in a webinar hosted by ThinkEDU called “A Day in the Life.”  The audience will be college students (from technical colleges, community colleges, and 4-year colleges and universities) located across North America.   The webinar or on-campus event will give you an opportunity to discuss, with these men and women, what a typical day looks like at your company.

Most post-secondary students are focused on learning as much as they can in hopes of finding a job placement and career path with companies like yours.  But do they truly understand what you do?  Will they be ready to work on day one?  If not, how long will it take your company to teach them both the HOW and the WHY?

Day in the life‘ workshop will give you the opportunity to speak directly to these aspiring career professionals.  ThinkEDU will market to our large student database and work hard to get you a large audience.  There is no cost to you (other than your time for the webinar or on-campus event).

College Placement Directors:  ThinkEDU, Autodesk’s Authorized Learning Partner Distributor for North America, is looking for help form college placement directors, to help us put on a a ‘Day in the life‘ workshop.   We have access to manufacturing and AEC employers in your location.  We are asking for your help in assembling students to hear directly from employers that want to speak to (and potentially recruit)  your students.

Examples of recent Day in the Life presentations can be found here:

  1.  Water Technologies Inc. – Click Here.
  2.  Victaulic Company – Click Here.
  3.  Beaumont Technologies – Click Here.
  4.  Holaday-Parks – Click Here.
  5.  Primus Builders, Inc. – Click Here

Frequently Asked Questions

Based in Frisco, Texas, ThinkEDU is a nationwide academic marketing company offering the academic community, which includes students, faculty, staff, and colleges, deep discounts on thousands of software and computer accessories. ThinkEDU operates over 1,000 online technology stores for college bookstores and schools that serve millions of students each day. ThinkEDU is also Autodesk’s Authorized Learning Partner Distributor for North America. ThinkEDU manages all Autodesk Authorized Training Centers (ATCs), Authorized Academic Partners (AAPs), and Membership Training Providers (MTPs) in North America by delivering expert instructor-led training across the Autodesk product portfolio. Our company is responsible for providing these training channels with program expertise, business development, operational assistance and marketing support.
We are looking for passionate industry leaders who are looking to engage with post-secondary students from across North America. Our hope is that you can drive them to their career destination a little more prepared to work in similar companies like yours.
ThinkEDU is responsible for everything. We will host the meeting and there is no cost to you. We will be responsible for all marketing, using our own comprehensive opt-in lists to promote the webinar. You will have an audience from across North America.
You do. We may offer up some ideas, but ultimately this will be your webinar or on-campus event.
As long as we get permission form the attendees, we will supply you with the list. We will promote any links or any other post-webinar information you would like us to share with the audience.
Webinars typically run 30-60 minutes in length. This includes questions and answers. The vast majority of webinars or on-campus events only run 30 minutes.
We use JoinMe as our online webinar conference tool. It's easy to use. As the presenter you can decide if you want your participants to see you or just your PowerPoint deck. You can even forgo the deck, and just talk to your audience. You are in complete control of your content and the delivery. We will assist you with Q&A.
Awesome! Please fill out the form below a representative will contact you to go over all your questions.
Assuming you want to invite an industry leader to present on-campus, your only obligation is to provide a room and help us market to your students to attend the event. We will do everything else. Fill out the form below and we will be delighted to contact you to go over the program.

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