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ThinkEDU has partnered with CADLearning! An Authorized Autodesk Publisher, CADLearning is your premier learning partner for all things Autodesk. CADLearning improves performance, assesses skills, and saves time and resources by providing personalized learning experiences that deliver real results.

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Subscription Types

CADLearning (Individuals)

CADLearning streaming video empowers current or future architects, engineers and designers to learn the latest 3D, architecture and engineering design technologies.  CADLearning provides online training for industry-leading software applications, including AutoCAD®, AutoCAD® Civil 3D®, Autodesk® 3ds Max®, Autodesk® Inventor®, Autodesk® Maya and Autodesk® Revit® Architecture. Utilized by individual professionals and students around the world, CADLearning courses include video tutorials, assessments and exercise files that allow users to follow along in their software.

CADLearning Center (Educational Institutions)

CADLearning Center is a private learning portal for Autodesk software users branded for your school – available to high schools, technical colleges, community colleges and universities. With CADLearning, teachers and students have an on-demand learning resource that complements classroom instruction.

CADLearning Centers Offer:

  • A custom branded learning portal specifically for your education institution
  • Comprehensive learning resources for Autodesk software users at your school – more than 30,000 video tutorials with exercise files, reviews and assessments
  • Customized learning with the ability to customize CADLearning content and add your own content, including video and other file formats
  • Teachers have the ability spend less time teaching software and more time inspiring design
  • Detailed student user activity reporting with assessments and quiz grading capabilities
  • Materials to help users prepare for Autodesk Certification Exams – content is aligned to the objectives of the Autodesk Certified User exams

CADLearning Enterprise (Corporations)

Portal Setup

  • Private CADLearning portal setup for your company, including unique URL
  • Branding the CADLearning portal with your company logo, images, blocks and menus
  • Creating and assigning administrator logins and SSO connections as needed

Content Resources

  • All available CADLearning content, including 12-36 months of updates
  • CADLearning courses, guides and interactive e-books
  • Overall knowledge and skills assessments for all users, including 100 pre-hire assessment tokens
  • Closed captions, video transcripts and exercise fi le downloads

Learning Delivery

  • Worldwide access to CADLearning content for unlimited users via web, mobile and CADLearning plugin
  • Build custom playlists based on quiz and search results
  • Unlimited storage for custom learning content

Reporting and Analytics

  • Detailed user activity reports for video views and assessment attempts
  • Admin dashboards and automated reports
  • Data feeds for existing client reporting platforms and tools (ERP, Tableau, Domo etc.)

Training and Support

  • Two one-hour administrator training sessions
  • Portal Administration Overview: includes user management, customizing your learning environment and reporting
  • Advanced Portal Administration: includes content reconfi guration, custom content, and advanced reporting
  • First-class support for administrators and users via
  • Monthly end-user basics webinars
  • CADLearning User Engagement: toolkit to help build awareness and grow usage of your CADLearning portal


  • 10-hour book of consulting with CADLearning subject matter experts for content configuration and custom content creation

Subscription Pricing

  • Individual Student or Faculty Subscription = $99 per year (click below to purchase)
  • Individual Professional/Commercial Subscription = $399 per year (click below to purchase)
  • High School Subscription (unlimited student and faculty members) = $3,000 per year (enter your contact information below for more information)
  • Technical or Community College Subscription (unlimited student and faculty members) = $6,000 per year (enter your contact information below for more information)
  • University or College Subscription (unlimited student and faculty members) = $15,000 per year (enter your contact information below for more information)

Purchasing Your Subscription