Autodesk Authorized Training Center Program (ATC)

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    Authorized Training Centers (ATCs) are part of the Autodesk Learning Partner community. Students, educators, consumers, industry professionals, and businesses can explore different ways to design and make the future of things.

    Authorized Training Centers deliver quality learning experiences to customers and educators. Their comprehensive training courses help you increase your product knowledge, prepare for certification exams, and achieve your career goals. Authorized by Autodesk, these training centers maintain a professional staff of Autodesk Certified Instructors recognized by the worldwide Autodesk Learning Partner community.

    Attendees connect with an Autodesk Training Center that is affiliated with a qualified educational institute to explore new learning opportunities.


    • Courses led by approved instructors in the Training Center’s classroom or training facility
    • Courses led by approved instructors through virtual classroom participation
    • E-Learning courses that combine video and instructor-monitored, project-based learning
    • Advanced skills courses, including design workflow and the future of making
    • Certification exam preparation courses and practice exams
    • Job readiness initiatives for industries such as Construction & Manufacturing


    Wayne State University

    The more users who are well trained to expertly use Autodesk software the bigger the business demand – and the bigger the need for up-to-date professional training. And the more Partners Autodesk seeks to welcome into the ATC channel to support the growth of the business.  Autodesk is a leader in 3D design, engineering and entertainment software.  Customers across the manufacturing, architecture, building, construction, and media and entertainment industries use Autodesk software to design, visualize, and simulate their ideas before they are ever built or created.

    Since its introduction of AutoCAD software in 1982, Autodesk continues to develop the broadest portfolio of state-of-the-art 3D software for global markets and works to combine the resources, ideas, and creative thinking of trailblazing companies, keeping its products and solutions on the leading edge of performance and value.

    From blockbuster visual effects and buildings that create their own energy, to electric cars and the batteries that power them, the work of Autodesk 3D software customers is everywhere you look.

    The Autodesk apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android, are today making design technology accessible to professional designers with technology originally built for movie studios, car designers, and architectural firms, and making it available to anyone who wants to create and share their ideas with the world.

    Autodesk customers and students will perform faster, smarter, and better with Autodesk software products when they work with the Autodesk Authorized Training Center (ATC) partners, the premier Autodesk channel for delivering authorized, instructor-led training.  The North American ATC-U Partner channel is managed by ThinkEDU, the distributor of Autodesk ATC-U Programs for Canada and the United States of America (North America).

    Benefits for becoming  an Autodesk Authorized Training Center affiliated with a College or University (ATC-QEI)


    1. Training licenses
    Get the most recent training software updates. ATC Partner sites receive training licenses with unique serial numbers. ATC Partner sites also gain access to the most up-to-date software.

    2. Visibility for your Adult or Continuing Education Department
    The Autodesk ATC website page gets an average of 500 visits per day.  That’s because Autodesk is promoting the ATC Program throughout web properties, customer-facing events, and campaigns. ATC locations take advantage of this traffic by listing accurate information and promoting up-to-date courses and events.

    3. Collaborative marketing efforts
    ATC Partners can participate in special events and promotions such as the nationwide Certification Days, regional marketing campaigns and the globally famous Autodesk University event. ATC Partners can also attend monthly educational webinar series, regional road shows and benefit from direct end user/corporate marketing and public relations campaigns which help promote business for the ATC Partner channel.

    4. Alignment with an industry leader
    ATC Partners can take advantage of the Autodesk brand equity. Using the Autodesk completion certificates, site certificates and marketing/branding such as email, web banners, signage and posters, means you can capitalize on the power of the Autodesk brand to help maximize your credibility and value.

    5. Autodesk Certification
    ATC Partners can take advantage of the increasing demand for certification by increasing their status to Autodesk Certification Center (ACC). Autodesk exams are available worldwide, attract new customers interested in validating their skills by earning certifications, and create a customized learning path to help them achieve their goals while growing your training business. Combining training and certification ensures that you provide a total solution to your customers.

    6. Autodesk online evaluation system
    ATC Partner managers can get customer feedback and fuel marketing efforts by utilizing the Autodesk online evaluation system. Capture customer opinions about your training facility and classes and publicize high scores to attract new business. You can also better understand your customers’ future training needs, helping you get the most from your marketing.

    7. Customizable marketing templates
    Establish and reinforce that you are an Autodesk ATC Partner with branded templates. Download templates and copy blocks designed to help you deliver an integrated marketing campaign or event.

    8. Technical product training and support
    As an ATC Partner, you can attend many technical training events for the newest Autodesk software releases. In addition, you have access to Autodesk product support specialists to assist with installation and licensing problems.

    9. Discounts
    Autodesk works with suppliers to offer ATC Program participant discounts on Autodesk Official Training Guides (AOTG), hardware and events.

    10. Beta licenses
    With access to beta software ATC Partner sites know about future releases long before the competition, so you can better prepare instructors for future releases.

    How to Apply
    In a challenging business environment, your best shot at achieving a competitive edge is by enhancing the core skill set that is at the heart of your businesses – excellence in IT training. Make that difference now by applying to become an Autodesk Training Center today.

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      Why Autodesk Certification?
      Exams give you a business advantage.  Certification strengthens your business by offering end users a recognized standard for knowledge and capability validation. It helps ATC Partners attract new customers who want formal recognition from Autodesk of their skills.

      • Strengthen your revenue – Certification motivates individuals to take up training to maximize their chances of passing globally recognized exams and certifications
      • Provide end-to-end training and testing – drive new revenue by providing new training areas such as needs assessments, Certification preparation workshops, etc
      • Ensure end users a return on investment performance measurement for their training budgets
      • Bundle Certification with your other training and learning services to increase business opportunities
      • Gain added value for your business proposition

      To learn more about Autodesk Certification products, click here.

      The value for an Autodesk Certified Instructor (ACI)
      The Autodesk Certified Instructor (ACI) Program ensures every ATC Partner delivers exceptional standards of training – not just in technical skills, but also in the soft skills of how best to teach by understanding learning styles and how to work with different levels of learning requirements.

      The Autodesk Certified Instructor (ACI) Program provides comprehensive online technical training resources, and a unique pedagogical workshop.  Accreditation is only the first step in the global Instructor accreditation program and those who choose to can progress to the best of the best of ATC instructors, and from there to Autodesk Certified Evaluator (ACE).

      The Instructor accreditation program brings tangible benefit to your business because the ability to train well isn’t only about technical training.

      The Program helps you achieve a level of training ability that makes a standout difference to your students, enhances your relationships with your customers and helps your business performance.


      Added value of the ATC partner network with ThinkEDU, LLC
      ThinkEDU, LLC is the distributor of Autodesk ATC-U Programs for Canada and the United States of America and proactively drives the North America program by strategic leadership and operational implementation to help the ATC partner network achieve success, and to meet their business obligations to Autodesk. ThinkEDU, LLC provides the infrastructure and service resource that the ATC partner network needs. As a well established and successful business supplier to the learning and training industry, ThinkEDU, LLC are experienced in solutions delivery.

      Partner Support Team
      A multilingual team of Partner Support Managers and Associates is available to help all ATC Partners with queries and service requirements. You will get access to a comprehensive communications program via a dedicated and exclusive ATC Web Portal, plus regular emails and webinars to proactively announce initiatives and to provide information on products, training guides, beta testing opportunities and much more. You will also be able to provide feedback in a quarterly survey of the ATC Partner channel which seeks your views and asks you to rate our performance as your service provider.

      Marketing and PR
      There is an extremely active marketing and public relations program promoting both training and certification; initiating industry press coverage through thought leadership, opinion articles and case studies. We discuss and debate with the key industry press to enhance industry credibility and recognition of Autodesk Certification to support the ATC Partner channel.

      You will be invited to attend one of an annual series of regional ATC Partner exclusive meetings held each new Program year to be briefed on future plans and strategies, hear new announcements, review initiatives and contribute to the ATC Program.

      ATC Portal
      This is a bespoke website providing operational information and reference material for product news, exam launches, campaign initiatives, operational notifications, and PR and marketing information. The Portal is the ultimate reference with full details easily accessible, plus an ordering facility for Autodesk training guides. We utilize LinkedIn and eshot broadcasts to provide alerts on what’s happening.


      Autodesk Official Training Guides
      You will have access to the Autodesk Official Training Guides (AOTG) and Autodesk accredited author and publisher materials as well as qualify for discounts on Autodesk official curriculum from a number of Authorized publishers.


      Case Studies

      Optimizing its Digital Prototyping Investment – Why Autodesk Certification Exceeded BRUSH’s Expectations
      The training and certification process is bringing a broad range of benefits to BRUSH from both an employee and a management perspective. Symetri, an Autodesk partner and Authorized Training Center, worked with BRUSH to deliver a phased training program. Staff who passed the exams are delighted that they achieved an independent validation of their skills and knowledge along with recognition of their achievements.

      For BRUSH, as a whole, the ability to validate the skills and knowledge of its people, and also to accelerate their professional development and improve their productivity has been a key benefit. Ultimately too, this approach will help BRUSH get the most out of its software investment, strengthen its competitiveness and drive business advantage.

      A BRUSH project manager says  “For us, optimizing our investment in Digital Prototyping is as much about ensuring our staff are highly skilled in the way they use the Autodesk solutions as it is about implementing the solutions themselves. We believe that the training process is both helping to improve the productivity of our staff and by validating our capabilities in this area, helping to improve our competitiveness in the marketplace.”

      Adding Value through IT – How Training Helps Southend-on-Sea Borough Council Optimize Investment in Autodesk Software

      Southend-on-Sea Borough Council (SBC) is responsible for providing all major public services across the Southend area including education, libraries, social services, highways and waste management.  SBC was using AutoCAD Map as its main design and drawing creation tool and needed to find a way for its users to access and utilize the same

      Ordnance Survey (OS) and corporate data and make the most of tools within the solution that support enhanced productivity. To achieve this, it turned to AIT Spatial Ltd, an Autodesk partner and Authorized Training Center.

      Explains the waste solutions project manager at Southend-on-Sea Borough Council, “I found AIT Spatial’s approach to the problem and training very refreshing. The level of knowledge and experience amongst the AutoCAD users at Southend differs widely, yet the training was sympathetic to this and able to cope with all requirements and questions.”

      Building a Center for Design Excellence – How Autodesk Helped BIM Academy Meet its Strategic Goals

      Building Information Modelling (BIM) is an intelligent model-based process that provides insight for creating and managing building and infrastructure projects faster, more economically, and with less environmental impact.

      BIM facilitates a new way of working: creating designs with intelligent objects. Regardless of how many times the design changes – or who changes it – the data remains consistent, coordinated, and more accurate, improving communication and collaboration for all stakeholders.

      BIM Academy is a joint venture between Ryder Architecture and Northumbria University and is an Autodesk partner and Authorized Training Center. The core vision is to support the adoption of BIM in the industry through education, consultancy, research and innovation. BIM Academy has introduced CPD events as part of the education program.  These events complement the Revit skills training delivered as part of the undergraduate curriculum and BIM Academy Revit training offered through its ATC profile.

      The current graduates have already achieved high qualifications in Architecture or Architectural Technology and the aim is to introduce other design disciplines into the group. Significantly, the first wave of graduate recruits are now securing employment in wider industry having broadened their experience and skills in their time with BIM Academy.

      Your Commitment

      Autodesk is always looking for partners to help create the designers and artists of the future. Authorized Training Centers are one of the keys to that future as the demand for training, learning and certification expands and as our technologies advance into exciting new territories. If you want to be part of this movement, apply now to be an ATC, and help our customers create our future.


      How to Apply
      In a challenging business environment, your best shot at achieving a competitive edge is by enhancing the core skill set that is at the heart of your businesses – excellence in IT training. Make that difference now by applying to become an Autodesk Training Center today.

      Interested?  Please complete this short form: