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You already know ThinkEDU, as one of the largest sellers of software and technology items to students and educators.  The same company that you trusted and purchased your personal copy of software or related technology item can also supply you with everything you need for your classroom or lab.

We are here to help answer any questions you might have and assist you with building next years budget. We offer fast competitive quotes on just about anything you need, including software, computer devices, printers, charging stations, headphones and much more.

Please let us know if we can help answer any questions or if you need a fast quote on anything.

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Why ThinkEDU?

ThinkEDU has been trusted online resource for many years, where students and educators can purchase technology products and accessories at the best education discounts on the market. We can now be a resource for all of your school technology needs! Whether you need software licensing, computers or tablets, headphones, charging stations, whiteboards or any type of accessories, ThinkEDU can be a one stop shop for all the best products, at the best pricing for you school or school district. At ThinkEDU we take pride in working closely with our customers, building long term, trusting relationships, and providing fast competitive quotes. We look forward to being your trusted resource and partner!

Whether it's for your classroom, lab or institutional staff needs, ThinkEDU has one of the largest selection of education software licensing products for your school or school district. We offer all the top brands used in education today, including Microsoft, Adobe, Autodesk, Corel, Avid and many more!
ThinkEDU is your one-stop solution provider for all your hardware needs. We offer fast, competitive quotes on the most popular hardware products in education, including computer devices, printers (including 3D Printers), whiteboards, headphones, charging stations and much more. Let ThinkEDU be your trusted resource for the best products and pricing for your school or school district!
ThinkEDU not only offers software licensing and hardware options, we have the best products and pricing for all of your classroom and lab accessories needs. We've got your hardware cables, iPhone accessories, headsets, computer device cases, storage units and more!

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What People Say

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Al Whitley

Al W.

Principal, VDCI
“ Thanks for all your great work! I feel like ThinkEDU is doing a fabulous job so far! They are on it, and pulling together resources like I have not seen in a while! This is very exciting for us. Lead on! ”

Kelsey C.

Junior, OU
“ I loved that I didn't have to fax you my student ID card. The fact that you were able to verify my academic status wuthout me having to do anything was so convenient. Within mintues after placing my order you emailed me to tell me that you were able to verify my academic status and that my order had shipped! You guys rock! ”


Marketing Manager
“ Carolyn just shared with us the stats on our last email blast (see below) and as you can see the results are amazing! More importantly, these stats match the actual sales results we saw from the email. The email deployed on 4/6 broke all sales records for any email we have ever done. Just on 4/6 alone we received just shy of 700 orders and did close to $30,000 in gross sales!!! The next few days also were very strong for us, with approximately another 500 sales (combined day 2-4) and approximately an additional $25,000. WOW! What is amazing about the emails we do with you is the staying power. What I mean is that is to this day we still see orders sourced to that email.  ”


VP of general merchandising for Barnes & Noble College Bookstores, Inc.
“ Our partnership with ThinkEDU gives us the opportunity to offer our customers more software choices and the ease of online ordering. ”

Roselyn M.

Freshman, UF
“ Shopping at was super fast and easy. I will definitely buy more software from you. ”

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