Join the ranks of forward-looking, innovative academic institutions.

Join the network of schools that are leading in the fields of interactive 2D, 3D, AR & VR.

Over 10,000 schools use Unity in their classrooms. Unity Academic Alliance (UAA) supports a consortium of forward-thinking, postsecondary educational institutions that are committed to informing, inspiring and providing their students and faculty with the skills needed to create immersive experiences.

UAA members receive exclusive Unity benefits. Membership offers post-secondary educational institutions the support and products they need, at a significantly reduced price, to quickly start or expand their interactive design and development programs.


Unity’s Academic Alliance is a consortium of post-secondary education institutions that are committed to advancing their students’ and faculty awareness, skills and inspiration for creating immersive experiences in 2D, 3D, VR and AR. To this end, Unity Academic Alliance members provide their students Unity education in their curriculums and programs, and offer Unity certifications. 2019 marks the global launch of the Unity Academic Alliance.

Membership Qualifications

Unity Academic Alliance membership is extended to post-secondary education institutions that feature Unity in their degee-seeking curriculums, have at least one Unity Certified Instructor (UCI) on campus or are currently working towards developing a UCI, and offer Unity certifications to their students. UAA members pay a yearly membership fee.

Academic Alliance Membership Benefits

In addition to joining the ranks of the world’s most innovative academic institutions, Unity Academic Alliance members enjoy exclusive benefits per academic year:

  • Formal recognition of your institution’s advanced focus on Unity technology and the fields of 2D, 3D, AR, VR (signage, banner or plaque indicating UAA membership)
  • Inclusion of your institution’s logo and name listed on the Unity Academic Alliance website
  • Membership in Unity’s private Academic Alliance Connect Community (online)
  • Up to two (2) reserved student positions in Unity’s exclusive Global Student Ambassador program
  • Live webinars from Unity for UAA member representatives
  • Vouchers for up to five (5) Unity certifications
  • Three (3) event tickets to Unity Developer Days or Unite Conferences
  • Special UAA communications from Unity, including UAA newsletters
  • Access to program support
  • Additional opportunities, such as access to Unity Evangelists, prizes for student competitions, etc., are subject to region, availability and restrictions.



UAA Membership is open to post-secondary education institutions only: universities, colleges, vocational and trade schools.

  • Submit a Unity Academic Alliance Member application.
  • Employ at least one person who is a Unity Certified Instructor (UCI), or have at least one person employed by your institution who is working towards earning UCI status.
  • Or partner with a third-party UCI.
  • Offer Unity Certifications to your student population.
  • Offer Unity education resources in your institution’s curriculums or programs.

As a Unity Academic Alliance member your institution will receive over $30,000 (USD retail value) of Unity courseware, certifications, accreditations, and event vouchers for students and instructors. Choose the educational product package that best suits your goals:

* – Click here to see UAA available workshops.

Other benefits include:


A ThinkEDU representative will contact the prospective Unity Academic Alliance member to notify them of the status of their application within 30 days. Prospective Partners in North America, wishing to inquire after the status of their application, may reach out to Has Nwamadi, Director of Education Services (
UAA members are selected based on their level of commitment to furthering the field of 2D, 3D, VR, AR and immersive media, and on the degree to which they include teaching/learning Unity in their curriculums and programs. UAA members must have at least one Unity Certified Instructor (UCI) employed on their campus or be working towards employing at least one individual who is a UCI.
There is an annual membership fee for inclusion in the Unity Academic Alliance, which is based on the academic year and varies by region. Membership in the UAA may qualify your institution for discounts on Unity products, certifications and services. For details on the applicable fees please contact Has Nwamadi, Director of Education Services ( or email:
2018 was the global launch year of the Unity Academic Alliance Program. We look forward to welcoming our first cohort of global members and to advancing member offerings as the program expands.
Alliance members may qualify for discounts on additional Unity workshops, products and services. ThinkEDU is happy to discuss your options with you. Please contact
Unity software licenses granted under the Academic Alliance Program are for in-class instruction only. Under no circumstances shall the Partner use, or permit others to use, the licenses for any commercial purpose or for-profit enterprise of any kind. Unity software licenses are subject to additional age and consent restrictions published at t (or its successor site), which UAA members must review and adhered to for all students access to and use of the Unity software.
Unity in-person and virtual training workshops offered by Unity and its partners are additional resources for your organization to teach/learn Unity. Workshops represent the latest ways to use the platform for many different industry verticals. As UAA member, your institution may qualify for discounts on Unity workshops.
The Unity Certified Instructor (UCI) program recognizes leaders in the learning and training content delivery area for Unity. As the leaders in learning and training, Unity Certified Instructors are able to demonstrate proficiency with Unity, as well as show strong training capabilities. The program requirements focus on two areas of proficiency: general instructional skills and Unity-specific knowledge and skills.

I Want to Learn More About Unity’s Academic Alliance Program (UAA)

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