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Autodesk® has a global network of Authorized Training Centers (ATCs) who deliver authorized, instructor-led training across the Autodesk product range. The more users who are well trained to expertly use Autodesk software the bigger the business demand – and the bigger the need for up-to-date professional training. Contact us to see if you qualify to join the rewarding ATC channel.
The purpose of this Program is to promote training, certification, curriculum development, support, consulting, and other services to Academic Customers and encourage Academic Customers to teach the use Autodesk Software Products, services, and resources and participate in Autodesk programs.
This Program allows qualifying union-training centers to use Autodesk software products at their training sites for an annual, low-cost subscription fee. This Autodesk Program will enhance BIM & CAD training efforts at current training sites, or allow a new site to offer enhanced training initiatives with Autodesk technology.

Learning Partner Community Program Core Values

ATC Leadership Council

The ATC Leadership Council provides advice and feedback to ThinkEDU's management team regarding all ATC and AAP programs. By-in-large, the Council represents the voice of the Learning Partner channel and all of its members. ThinkEDU benefits by being able to reach out from time to time to this extremely talented and knowledgeable group of individuals and is grateful for their service.

Contact our council
Al Whitley

Al Whitley

Principal, VDCI | cadteacher - Chair
Steve Olson

Steve Olson

Manager Training Services, Mesa, Inc.
Paul morrison

Paul Morrison

Associate Dean, BCIT
Warren Geissler

Warren Geissler

Technical & Training Center Mgr , CAD-1, Inc