Autodesk Membership Training Provider Program (MTP)

The MTP Program

The Autodesk® Membership Training Provider Program (“Program”) aims to support Membership Organizations (as defined below) in their efforts to train, test, and certify their members.

This Program was originally created through successful collaboration between Autodesk and the national leadership of major North American trade unions and personnel who manage their membership training programs. It has since expanded to non-union membership programs as well.  This Program allows qualifying training organizations (i.e. Union, Non-Union and Merit-Shop) to use Autodesk software products at their training sites for an annual, low-cost subscription fee. This Autodesk Program will enhance BIM & CAD training efforts at current training sites, or allow a new site to offer enhanced training initiatives with Autodesk technology.


The purpose of the Membership Training Provider (MTP) Program is to promote training services to Membership Organizations and encourage the use Autodesk resources and programs including:

• Autodesk products, services and technologies; and
• Autodesk learning materials and certifications

To participate in the Program, in North America, a Membership Organization must meet criteria for the Program established by Autodesk and must apply for authorization from ThinkEDU, the North American Distributor for Autodesk.  Upon authorization, the Membership Organization becomes eligible for Program benefits, including special program license fees for Autodesk Software Products and Subscriptions. Complete Program benefits, criteria, and region specific information is defined in the Program Agreement and Program Guide, which is available from ThinkEDU. Benefits, criteria, and/or available software may vary based upon the region (as determined by Autodesk).

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    • Each Membership Training Provider Site must offer annually at least one (1) training course for an Autodesk Product and provide quarterly reporting for all Autodesk courses offered
    • Membership Organization agrees to promote Autodesk Certified Instructor attainment and Product Certification attainment to their Instructors and members
    • Membership Organization instructors providing training for Autodesk products must have experience and expertise using the associated Autodesk Software Product
    • Annual software subscription fee is charged on a per site basis; current Program subscription fees are available from ThinkEDU
    • Each Site can order a maximum of 25 seats of each Autodesk title they plan to teach; all orders are approved by ThinkEDU
    • The annual Program contract term begins 1 FEBRUARY and ends 31 JANUARY; annual subscriptions are paid on this schedule; pro-rated fees are approved at ThinkEDU’s discretion
    • Full Program details can be found in the Program agreement and guide


    Autodesk or ThinkEDU provides Membership Organizations participating in the Program with a comprehensive range of benefits to support and develop their training programs including:

    • Ability to leverage Autodesk’s existing Learning Partner channel and infrastructure
    • Site on-boarding support, operational order efficiency, and instructor training opportunities
    • Program administration, services, and support from ThinkEDU
    • Annual subscriptions for Autodesk Software Products
    • Site Manager and instructor use of Autodesk Subscription Program and Subscription Center
    • Access to Program Site for latest Autodesk news, product, and program information
    • Autodesk Authorized Publisher discounts for select training courseware or certification prep books; ThinkEDU maintains current list of discount offerings
    • Ability to request participation in product Autodesk Beta Software Program(s)
    • Standard Program Support from ThinkEDU
    • Standard Product Technical Support and Cloud Services included with software subscription
    • Regular updates on leading edge Autodesk-related technology and workflows


    To enroll in the Program, please complete these steps:

    1. Complete the Membership Training Provider Site Enrollment Form, return to ThinkEDU, obtain permission to enroll from Autodesk
    2. Review current Membership Training Provider Program Guide
    3. Review and sign current Membership Training Provider Program Agreement
    4. Pay Annual Subscription Fee(s) to order software


    ThinkEDU LLC


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    The Member Organization orders Autodesk software subscriptions from the Regional Distributor after the Site Enrollment Form is approved, the Program Agreement is executed, and the annual subscription fees are paid. The contact name provided as the Site manager, or as the software order contact, will receive email instructions and a link to establish the contact’s credentials for the Autodesk Subscription Center. Unless otherwise specified, a welcome email will be sent to the email address of the person listed as the primary contact on the Site Enrollment Form. After logging into the Autodesk subscription center account, contact can check the status of the Autodesk software subscriptions ordered, obtain software serial numbers, access product support and many other benefits. For additional details refer to Autodesk Subscription Benefits:
    Prior to activating Autodesk software, the Membership Organization should verify if they ordered stand-alone licenses or network licenses for their training labs. Software Activation is done online via an Internet connection. Information needed to activate your Autodesk Software is available here: Membership Organizations can also contact Autodesk directly at: (866) 681–4359, select the registration and activation option. The Autodesk Knowledge Network is also a resource for product installation or product use issues:
    Autodesk realizes some Membership Organizations may require training lab configurations that exceed twenty-five (25) subscriptions. Contact ThinkEDU to approve additional subscriptions for an individual site. ThinkEDU will also supply the MTP with costs. Email:
    In North America, Membership Organizations utilize their internal training contacts to identify instructors for their Locals or Chapters within their organization. If a Membership Organization outside of North America is interested in locating experienced Autodesk instructors in their area, they can contact their Autodesk Regional Distributor (see contact information above). An Autodesk Certified Instructor must meet defined professional criteria prior to obtaining an authorized instructor credential.
    Autodesk offers the opportunity for a Membership Organization instructor to become an Autodesk Certified Instructor free of charge (this does not include certification exam fee). Autodesk Certified Instructor Program Enrollment information is available here:
    Yes. Training content and curriculum is available from Autodesk Authorized Publishers. Contact ThinkEDU for the current offerings and discounts available. Many Membership Organizations have established curriculum standards and discounts with publishers. ThinkEDU maintains current curriculum information for individual Membership Organizations.


    Member” means any person that is a registered member in Training Provider’s Membership Organization and meets all qualifications for participation as a member in such Membership Organization.  If a Training Provider is a Union Affiliated Training Organization, “Member” shall mean a registered member in an Approved Union.  If a Training Provider is a non-union Affiliated Training Organization, “Member” shall mean a registered member is an Approved Non-Union or Merit-Shop organization.

    Membership Organization” means a Union, a Union Affiliated Training Organization, a trade association or any other similar organization (i.e. non-union or merit shop) or entity that provides training to its registered members, that has been approved by Autodesk for participation in the Membership Training Program.

    Membership Training Provider Program” means the program pursuant to which Membership Organizations may license Autodesk Software Products to be used solely for Educational Purposes in accordance with the terms set forth in the Program Guide.

    Site” shall mean each physical location identified by Training Provider in its approved Enrollment Form(s) and attachments thereto where Training Provider is authorized to offer training service to Members.

    Union” means any organization, agency or employee representation committee or plan in which employees participate and which exists for the purpose, in whole or part, of dealing with employers concerning grievances, labor disputes, wages, rates of pay, hours of employment or conditions of work.

    Union Affiliated Training Organization” means an organization affiliated with a Union (or a group of Unions) that has been authorized by the Union to provide training to the Union’s registered members.

    See how Chicago Pipefitters Local 597 trains more than 800 apprentices each week on the Revit platform.  They partner with over 400 contractor signatories, including Autodesk customer Mechanical Inc.

    Skilled trades train on Autodesk products

    Example of National Autodesk Partnerships in place between Autodesk and Member Organizations


    • ABC | Associated Builders and Contractors
    • IBEW | International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
    • ITI | The International Training Institute (ITI) jointly sponsored by Sheet Metal, Air, Rail, and Transportation International Association (SMART) & Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association (SMACNA)
    • UBC–CITF | United Brotherhood of Carpenters
    • UA | United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipe Fitting
      Industry of US and CA

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