Join ThinkEDU's UCI Professional Services Program

Join the UCI Professional Services Program and support new and existing ATPs and UAA’s delivering Unity Authorized Workshops on a freelance basis (all while managed by ThinkEDU).    We do all the work (except for the teaching)!

UATP's and UAA's can use your help!

Many of the new ATP’s or colleges joining the programs, are in need of qualified UCI’s to teach Unity authorized workshops. 

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Join ThinkEDU’s UCI Professional Services Team

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New Unity Authorized Training Partners (UATPs) and Unity Academic Alliance Members (UAA) are joining these exciting programs on a weekly basis.   Many of the new ATP’s or colleges joining the programs, are in need of qualified Unity Certified Instructors (UCIs) to teach Unity Authorized Workshops.  They have the students, but they need YOU to teach them.

As Unity’s Learning Services Distributor for North America, ThinkEDU is excited to announce the launch of our UCI – Professional Services Program (UPSP).  By joining ThinkEDU’s UCI Professional Services Team, you will support new and existing UATPs and UAAs delivering Unity Authorized Workshops on freelance basis (managed by ThinkEDU).    We do all the work (except for the teaching).  Details include:

  • ThinkEDU will identify UATP’s and UAA’s who are looking for qualified UCI’s to teach their workshops.
  • ThinkEDU will hire you as a contract employee.
  • ThinkEDU will negotiate terms/opportunities with the UATP or ATP.
  • UCI (you) will be paid 75% of the negotiated “fee” collected by ThinkEDU for your service (after taxes).
  • Actual travel expenses will be paid in full to you (if required).
  • Team members won’t have to worry about bill collecting from the UATP or UAA member.  Team members will be paid by ThinkEDU within 10-days of fulfilling their service.
  • There will be no obligation by the UCI to accept work negotiated by ThinkEDU and Partner, however, once UCI agree’s to teach a specific class, our expectation will be for the UCI to live up to their commitment.

Not a Unity Certified Instructor yet but feel that you have the skill set to deliver Unity training? Let us know and we’ll help you fast track to become a UCI so you can start earning $$$.


Yes! We know that you are in hot demand and we understand that your availability will depend on your personal schedule.
No. Your availability will totally depend on the schedule that you provide us.

Interested?  Please fill out the following for short form.  A ThinkEDU representative will be in touch with you shortly.