Program Benefits

Becoming a Unity Certified Instructor will help you succeed in helping creators, while growing your professional skills and business.  Benefits include:

  • Train-the-Trainer modules for Professional development
  • Discounted vouchers for CompTIA CTT+
  • Discounted CompTIA CTT+ certification preparation ebook
  • Access to exclusive professional community
  • Discounted access to Unity Authorized Courses
  • Exclusive access to deliver Unity Authorized Workshops
  • Visibility into Unity Product
  • Roadmap Support in building your brand and business
  • Unity Certified Instructor Badge and listing on Unity
  • Connect Quarterly Onboarding Webinars
  • Evaluate and influence new learning and training materials
  • Opportunity to be paid for delivering training on behalf of Unity

Qualifying Certifications

This program requires two certifications:

CompTIA CTT+ Classroom Trainer Certification (or equivalent)  – This certification validates your instructional skills via a two-part exam.  The first part is a computer-based test taken at any Pearson Vue test center, and the second is a video submission of the instructor teaching. Once completed, the certification is perpetual and will not require recertification.

Unity Certification – This certification validates your Unity skills.  You will need to maintain a current Unity exam certification of either the Unity Certified Programmer or Unity Certified 3D Artist certification to maintain Unity Certified Instructor status.

Are there other instructional certifications that can be used?  The CompTIA CTT+ Classroom Trainer certification is a robust instructional certification. However, Unity recognizes that there are other trainer and instructional programs that hold an equally high level of rigor and will therefore accept any of the following certifications in lieu of the CompTIA CTT+:  Government granted instructional or teacher certification, Microsoft Certified Trainer, Autodesk Certified Instructor, Adobe Certified Instructor, CISCO Certified Trainer.

Are there costs associated with getting certified? – Unity provides the exams at no cost for any required certifications.  The CompTIA Classroom Trainer certification is a combination of costs for a computer-based exam and evaluation of a teaching video submission which retail for over $600 USD (regional pricing offered).  The Unity Certified Programmer and Unity Certified 3D Artist retails for $249 (regional pricing offered).

Program Requirements

  • Complete an online application
  • Provide an Instructor Certification such as:
    • CompTIA CTT+ In-person Training Certification
    • Teaching Credential
    • Certified Trainer/Instructor status from a peer company such as Microsoft, Autodesk, Adobe, CISCO, etc.
  • Maintain current entry-level Unity Certification
  • Create and Maintain a Connect Profile
  • Create and submit learning content to the Unity Learn website
  • Maintain 4 star or 85% satisfaction rate in training engagements
  • Impact learners and their learning journey through a variety opportunities:
    • Delivering in-person training
    • Delivering a Live Online Class
    • Moderating the Learner community
    • Teaching Unity classes
    • and much, much more…

Application Process

The application involves submitting information that includes proof of your credentials, background information on your training business, and basic demographic information. Once submitted, ThinkEDU, the North American Distributor for Unity, will review your application and notify you of acceptance within two weeks.  Click here to start the application process.  For questions regarding your application, please contact ThinkEDU’s Partner Administrative Manager, Merry Kirk, using the contact form below.


  • Is membership for a specific amount of time?  Membership is valid as long as the requirements of the program are being met. Individuals can leave the program voluntarily or may be asked to meet requirements to maintain membership status.
  • Where can I find the Unity Certified Instructor Program Guide and Agreement?  You can download the Unity Certified Instructor Program Guide.  After you complete the application, you will be sent the Unity Certified Instructor agreement and Program Rules to review and accept prior to joining the program.

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