New UATP checklist

Congratulations!  You are now a Unity Authorized Training Partner!

After you have signed the UATP Agreement, the following checklist will assist you with ensuring an efficient and smooth Unity launch

  1. Classroom Prep:
    1. Determine classroom space required
    2. Identify required hardware (ie: computers, smartboard, projection board, audio/video, VR headsets, etc.)


  1. Instructor Prep:
    1. Select your Unity instructors
    2. Ensure each instructor has submitted their UCI application
      1. If you don’t have an instructor ready to teach, contact ThinkEDU to learn about our UCI Professional Services Program.
    3. Review the Unity workshop overviews for selecting first UATP course
      1. Infosheets can be found here for each of the authorized workshops.
    4. Place your order for your FREE instructor eBooks for elected workshops to receive administrator & instructor access to workshop curriculum content


  1. Once you receive your ordered Unity Authorized Workshop – Instructor Materials:
    1. UATP Administrators review the Unity workshops curriculum content
    2. Instructors review Unity workshop content and begin course preparation

  1. Marketing Prep:
    1. Access the Unity ATP Portal and download UATP Marketing Kit contents and logo
    2. Identify the various Marketing Channels to be utilized
    3. Create Marketing content
    4. Activate your marketing strategies
    5. Update your website with Unity Logos and Unity content
    6. Post your Unity Workshop(s) on the ThinkEDU event calendar
    7. Determine if UATP desires to be a PearsonVue Exam center to increase workshop value
    8. Provide UATP business logo to Distributor for Unity locator & Student Certificates


  1. Get Ready to Teach:
    1. ThinkEDU will provide you with a customized ThinkEDU Course Evaluation (TCE) link.
      1. If you don’t have one, please contact Merry Kirk at:
    2. Register workshop details in the TCE
    3. Install the Unity licenses on classroom systems
    4. Confirm Physical Classroom readiness
    5. Confirm Virtual Classroom readiness (if applicable)
    6. Display the Unity UATP Plaque
    7. Order Student eBooks for Unity workshop
    8. Order Unity Exam vouchers if needed
    9. Dispense student eBook vouchers first day of class
    10. Give Students Course evaluation URL last hour of class

  1. Ongoing UATP Maintenance
    1. Make sure you stay up to date with all the news posted on the Unity UATP Portal.
    2. Post all of your Unity workshops to the Event Calendar
    3. Register all of your workshops in the TCE Evaluation system
    4. Order Unity Authorized Student/Participant eBooks for each Unity workshop (and for each student/participant attending your workshop)
    5. Order Unity Exam vouchers as needed
    6. Notify ThinkEDU of any main contacts or address changes for UATP
    7. Notify ThinkEDU of any Instructor changes or additions