ATC Voucher Campaign

ATC Opt-In Voucher Campaign Form

Discounted Training Voucher Campaign – Beginning September 10th, we will promote a campaign for ATC’s who opt-in.  The idea is for ThinkEDU to market and sell ATC One-Day Training “any course” Vouchers for $399 during a once a month blitz. Customers can buy as many of these vouchers as they wish.  We will also offer up a $99 ATC One-Day Training “any course” voucher for qualified educators.  ThinkEDU will require proof of academic status for any customer seeking to purchase this product.

Once purchased from ThinkEDU, the customer can contact any ATC that is participating in the campaign to arrange for a class.  Any redeemed voucher can be invoiced to ThinkEDU, by the ATC for the full $399 or $99 respectively.


Frequently Asked Questions

Customers must redeem their voucher within 60 days, unless they make other arrangements with the participating ATC. In any case, redeemed vouchers must be invoiced to ThinkEDU, no later than 12/31/2018.
Three (3) vouchers will need to be purchased to attend your course. If the customer only purchases one-voucher, you can charge the customer for 2 additional days at your normal price. This would be direct through you. In addition, don't forget to set up your Revit course in GEMS to include split coverage of both Revit and BIM so you can get credit for BIM evaluations.
ThinkEDU will take on responsibility for all marketing. Having said that, it is in your best interest to help promote this as well. ThinkEDU will provide you with campaign collateral and assets that you will be able to use to the marketing of this campaign.
You schedule your classes as usual. There is no obligation to run a particular class, or in a specific time period.
We will market a $99 price for educators. Educators will be required to provide proof of their academic status to ThinkEDU before we allow them the special "academic" pricing.

Opt-In Form

To confirm if you want to opt-in to this campaign, please complete the following form: