“Over the next ten years, demand for those with Unity skills is expected to grow 72%, while demand for knowledge of Oculus and HoloLens, two leading VR and AR technologies, is projected to grow by 185% and 28%, respectively.  Skills related to game engines are also experiencing transformative growth. ”

Unity’s powerful graphics engine and full-featured editor serve as the foundation to develop beautiful games or apps and easily bring them to multiple platforms: mobile devices, home entertainment systems, personal computers, and embedded systems. Unity also offers solutions and services for creating games, boosting productivity, and connecting with audiences including Unity Ads, Unity Analytics, Unity Asset Store, Unity Cloud Build, Unity Collaborate, Unity Connect and Unity Certification. Unity Technologies serves large publishers and filmmakers, indie studios, students and hobbyists around the globe.

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To expand the availability of expert training and support offerings to our community on a global scale, Unity Technologies is proud to offer the Unity Authorized Training Partner Program (UATP). This Program is intended to allow training centers and re-seller partners a means to benefit from the opportunity to tap into the growing market of Unity creators and to fulfill the community’s demand for high-quality training.

What are Unity Authorized Training Partners?

Unity Authorized Training Partners (UATPs) are physical training facilities that offer instructor-led courses and training on Unity software solutions. To qualify as a UATP, training centers must employ Unity Certified Instructors to teach Unity courses.

Authorized Training Partner Program Details

Program Benefits

  • Additional revenue stream
  • Improved customer retention and satisfaction
  • Ability to sell and deliver Unity Authorized Workshops
  • Use of Unity logo and promotional materials
  • Marketing collateral, banner and plaque
  • Inclusion on the Unity partner website
  • Lead generation for workshops
  • Revenue share from joint development of Unity Authorized Workshops
  • Vouchers for up to 2 instructors to be certified as part of the Unity Certified

Program Requirements

Program Requirements

  • Complete a Unity Authorized Training Partner application
  • Execute an Authorized Training Partner Agreement and accept the Program Terms and Conditions
  • Complete timely payment of Program fees per the Authorized Training Partner Agreement
  • Designate a single point of contact for administrative and technical issues (upon acceptance into the Program)
  • Maintain adequate and current hardware systems as set forth in the Authorized  Training Partner Agreement
  • Represent Unity in accordance with the Terms and Conditions as set forth in the Authorized Training Partner Agreement
  • Actively market Unity Authorized Workshops at your expense, including updating your website to include information on Unity training and Partner branding
  • Use Unity Branding only with Unity Authorized Workshops
  • Once accepted into the Program, employ only trainers who are Unity Certified Instructors* to teach Unity courses, or ensure instructors become Unity Certified Instructors by the date set forth in the Authorized Training Partner Agreement
  • Use software licenses provided through the Program for educational purposes only in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of the software license agreement
  • Submit to an on-site review of all facilities and audits of classes and materials at the discretion of Unity Technologies. For applicants with multiple locations, each location must meet the minimum standards established by Unity
  • Schedule, market, and conduct a minimum of 12 Unity Authorized Workshops per year



A ThinkEDU representative will contact the prospective Unity Authorized Training Partner to notify them of the status of their application within 30 days. Prospective Partners in North America, wishing to inquire after the status of their application, may reach out to Rebecca Abrams, Education Program Manager.
Training Partners are selected based on their knowledge, focus on quality and commitment to providing the highest level of Unity training to our customers around the world. Unity Authorized Training Partners (UATPs) are physical training facilities that offer publicly available, instructor-led courses and training on Unity software solutions. To qualify as a UATP, training centers must employ Unity Certified Instructors to teach Unity courses.
There is an annual program fee for participation in the Unity Training Partner Program, which is based on the calendar year and varies by region. Other costs may include expenses associated with additional Unity Certified Instructor (beyond 2), as well as fees for additional sites. For details on the applicable fees in North America, please complete the contact form below.
The new library of Unity Authorized Workshops are an additional revenue stream for UATPs. UATPs are required to deliver a minimum of 12 Unity Authorized Workshops per year but can deliver an unlimited number of these workshops.
Unity will not offer online registration on behalf of Authorized Training Partners. Unity will provide listing of Partners in the Partner directory on the Unity website and link to the Partner’s website, where users may register online or contact the Partner directly for course or registration information.
Unity software licenses granted under the Terms and Conditions of the Training Partner Program are for in-class instruction only. Under no circumstances shall the Partner use, or permit others to use, the licenses for any commercial purpose or for-profit enterprise of any kind.
While not required, there are significant advantages to using the Unity Developer Certification Courseware to supplement curriculum, as students are able to view and learn hands-on through the Unity tutorials included. content maps directly to the Unity Certified Developer Exam.
Unity Training Workshops are an additional revenue stream for your organization to utilize Unity created training content that represents the latest ways to use the platform for many different industry verticals.
The Unity Certified Instructor program recognizes leaders who have demonstrated excellence in both Unity skills and teaching. Join today and start receiving members-only benefits to further your professional goals.

I Want to Learn More About Unity’s Authorized Learning Partner (UATP) Program

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