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Brian Kenney

Our lead instructor at immersiv Education is Brian Kenney. Currently, he is a game design instructor at Centennial High School in Corona, California with over 22 years of teaching experience with programming. He also serves as adjunct professor at Norco College in their game design program. His teaching assignment includes XR and Game Design courses, AP Computer Science, and IB Computer Science. He is well versed in the Java programming language as a Oracle Certified Instructor; in addition, experienced with C#.

Kenney is a firm believer in experiential learning. He shares the Unity educational philosophy of a spiral approach to learning where learners repeat a series of activities, each building upon each other, so by the end of the learning experience they have reached the stated goals and objectives. The end result is a polished project that participants can use to explore other avenues of his courses. He brings this philosophy to immersiv Education for all learners.

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